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Open3DALIGN exists as 32-bit/64-bit pre-built binary distributions for the following platforms:

Each hyperlink points to detailed installation instructions for the different operating systems.

Open3DALIGN pre-built binary distributions are provided with all the required dependencies, as explained in the OS-specific instructions. Briefly:

This is enough for most users. Only if you, for some reason, do not want to use the copies of OpenBabel, Pharao and TINKER shipped with openbabel_for_open3dtools and Open3DALIGN (e.g., because you have your own modified versions), you may define a few environment variables:
Alternatively, you may also use the env babel_path, env pharao, env tinker_path and env pymol keywords in your Open3DALIGN script.
To make a long story short: just run the openbabel_for_open3dtools installer, run the Open3DALIGN installer, keep the directory tree as it is and run bin/open3dalign: everything should work and the program should report if and where it has found OpenBabel, Pharao, TINKER and PyMOL binaries. If something is not found, point the relevant environment variables to the appropriate locations.

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