Solaris x86

Under Solaris, due to the free availability and to the excellent performance of Oracle Solaris Studio Compilers and Sun Performance Library, we did not attempt to build Open3DALIGN with other tools, even if it is obviously possible to use GCC in conjunction with the ATLAS math libraries just as described for Windows and Linux.

Using Oracle Solaris Studio Compilers and the Sun Performance Library

Oracle Solaris Studio Compilers for Solaris can be freely downloaded upon registration. The suite includes a C and a Fortran compiler plus the Sun Performance library which includes BLAS and LAPACK routines needed by Open3DALIGN. After installing Oracle Solaris Studio compilers (as of now the latest version is Oracle Solaris Studio 12 update 3), the first step is installing Open3DQSAR and its dependencies as described in detail here. Afterwards, you simply need to move to the folder where you have downloaded open3dalign-X.Y.tar.gz, where X and Y are the major and minor version numbers, and build open3dalign:

$ tar -xzf open3dalign-X.Y.tar.gz
$ cd open3dalign-X.Y
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure CC=suncc \
        CFLAGS="-O3 -fast -m64 -I/build/include" \
        LDFLAGS="-L/build/lib64" \
       --with-sunperf \

Clearly, the paths reported in the example above might vary slightly according to your specific installations details.

Subsequently, type

$ make
$ make install

These commands will build Open3DALIGN for a 64-bit CPU and install the open3dalign executable binary into /build/bin and documentation into /build/share/doc/Open3DALIGN.

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